L´Impero di Corsos

Swedish breeder of Cane Corso Italiano


You'll find us in Sjödiken, just outside of Svedala in the south of Sweden. We have a small horse farm with land. In the stables there are no longer horses, we have rebuilt it for the dogs.All our dogs are family dogs, they are socialized with our children, friends neighbors, other dogs etc....


Our Cane Corso interest started in June 2006, when we got our first Cane Corso, Donatella. We became totally in love with her an decided three years later that we would start a kennel with this wonderful breed.


In January 2010 came at last our two new girls. Majoshaza Reme Evita from Hungary and Roma dell 'Antico Cerberus from italy. These two imported females were supposed to form the base of our breeding. Unfortunately we couldn´t use Evita in our breeding because of dysplasia. So, as a replacement we got Majoshaza Reme Petra. At the same time we bought our first male Majoshaza Reme Remo. Remo and Petra are for sure the core in our breeding. We are planning to mate Remo and Petra in December 2011, which means that we will probably have our first litter from this combination in Feb. 2012.


Roma were mated with a beautiful male, Co-Cane, in Dec. 2010. And this litter (our first) arrived the 25th of February 2011. 10 beautiful puppies, 6 males and 4 females.

From this litter we kept Drusilla. She has allready some fantastic result from her first three dogshows. We have sold Roma to a fantastic breeder in U.S., Pirates den Cane Corso. We will probably quite soon see some new half brother and sisters to our puppies. 


Our goal is to breed mentally stable and typical Cane Corsos according to the breed standard, to be used as a family dog, for dogshows, Breeding etc.


Welcome to L´Impero di Corsos

Jörgen & Maria Billgren
































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